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Finding a Opossum

What to do when you find an injured Opossum?

If you find a baby opossum and you are not sure if it is too young to be on its own, you can place it in a deep container, possibly a clean trash can,  using a blanket, net and / or gloves to pick it up.  Give it a blanket or towel or sheet to hide in and call a rehabilitator to ask for further instructions, which may well be, depending on its size, to put it back where you found it if it is not injured.

If you find an injured opossum, or an opossum going in circles (it may be blind), you can follow the above instructions for containing it, or if you want to be more cautious, you can place a clean trash can upside down on top of the animal, making sure it will not over heat on a hot day, and place a cinder block or something heavy on top of the trash can so it cannot escape from underneath.  Call a rehabilitator immediately for further instructions.  If you do not reach someone in a reasonable period of time and you are concerned about the animal’s well-being under the trash can, you can slowly inch the upside down can onto a flat piece of wood and then slowly tilt the trash can upright.  Give the opossum a blanket or towel to hide under and wait for instructions from the rehabilitator.

If you find a healthy opossum that is stuck inside a trash can, and it has only been there for a short time, and is not covered with flies, and it is not a very small baby, you can tilt the trash can over slowly and allow the opossum to leave when it does not feel as though it is in danger (maybe an hour or more).   If it looks injured or has been in water or is covered with flies, place a light sheet over the top of the can to keep flies off and call a rehabilitator immediately.

Always use caution when handling wild animals, being especially careful not to get bitten or come in contact with the animal’s saliva.