Injured or orphaned baby bird

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What should I do if I find an injured Baby Bird?

If you find a baby bird/birds which have fallen out of the nest that are not injured and you can reach the nest, you can gently put them back into the nest and the mother will accept them. You can wear gloves to do this, but if you do touch them, it is fine. It is a wives tale that the mother will not come back.

If the nest is destroyed, but was in a reachable location, you can tie a basket to a tree branch near the area where the original nest was located. Put the old nest in the basket for the babies to sit in. Watch the nest for about 20 minutes to be sure a parent has found the babies and will take care of them.

Make sure that the basket you use is weaved such as an Easter Basket. Do not use a solid container as the babies will drown if rainwater cannot drain.

Make sure that the basket is protected above by branches or some type of overhanging. This will protect the babies from baking in the sun, or rainwater.

  • Determine by sight If the bird is injured. (i.e.) torn wing, blood on bird. mauled feathers.
  • If there Is no foreseen Injury, do not touch the bird for about 2 hours. Wait to see if parents are feeding It.
  • If parents are feeding the baby bird, leave it alone.
  • If the bird seems too small to be out of It’s nest or not fully feathered, and there are no apparent injuries, try to find the nest and put the bird back In.
  • If the nest cannot be located for small bird, put the bird in a covered box inside the house away from indoor pets. Keep In separate room and keep It warm. Place a heating pad underneath the box on WARM ONLY.
  • If it’s a fledgling and seems injured, put in covered box In the house away from Indoor pets preferably in a separate room.
  • Call your local Avian Rehabilitation Center.
  • If you cannot reach anyone Immediately, keep the bird under those conditions until you do.