Finding injured adult Bird

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What should I do if I find an injured adult Bird?

  • Determine by sight If the bird is injured (i.e.) broken wing, bird cannot move
  • Find a box that closes large enough to accommodate the bird.
  • Use a towel or sheet.
  • Approach the bird from behind and throw the towel over the entire bird’s head and body.
  • Place hands on each side of the bird where wings are folded in. Pick up and place In the box. Remove towel.
  • Keep the bird in box in a dark and quiet area away from indoor pets so the bird will rest.
  • DO NOT keep the bird outside. Depending on the injury, the bird might not be able to regulate body temperature.
  • Call the Avian Rehabilitation Center In your area.

Birds of prey use their feet to grab. If possible. use heavy gloves, throw towel over the bird, then place in box or carrier. Herons and egrets aim for eyes. If possible. wear safety goggles or keep face away from bird.

If you cannot contact Avian Rehabilitation right away, keep bird inside until you make arrangements with local rehabber.