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As populations increase in NJ there are more encounters of people and wildlife. This can be devastating for our wildlife, and a matter of public safety for the residents of NJ.

NJ Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators (WR) have been diminishing for over a decade. There used to be over 130 licensed rehabilitators in the State of NJ, but the numbers have diminished to 21 state wide.

The problem has been NJ Fish & Wildlife who has run the program into the ground. Except for a handful of rehabbers who receive special treatment because of their alliance to NJ Fish & Wildlife, the majority of wildlife rehabilitators have been abused by the division.

Abused wildlife rehabilitators have been scrutinized by the division. They have had their animals taken, killed, & personal areas of their homes forcibly searched by conservation officers, etc.

SubPermittees/Appretices are afraid to acquire wildlife rehabilitation permits because of the fear of NJ Fish & Wildlife has instilled to those involved in the  program. WR’s have left the program in fear of the division.

Bill S1577 & A2905 “The Wildlife Rehabilitators Act”  removes NJ Fish & Wildlife from control of the program. A new board of volunteers is created that is in NJ DEP, but not of NJ DEP. The board is made up of Veterinarians, Vet Techs, SPCA persons, Animal Control Officers, Wildlife Rehabilitators. All animal caring persons.

With the expertise of these board members, the wildlife rehabilitation program will become friendly and give the tools needed to do their jobs well.

Apprentice programs, extended education for rehabilitators will make the program more professional, & give access to vital medical information and techniques accessible to all those in the program.

Assembly Bill A2905 is the original draft before the amendments were added. When A2905 is heard in the committee, the bill will be substituted with the amended bill that matches Senate Bill S1577. Senate Bill #S1577 is the final version.

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Assembly Bill A2905 is scheduled to be heard in the “Agricultural & Natural Resources Committee” Please contact all committee members to express your support for the legislation.

Members of Assembly “Agricultural & Natural Resources Committee”  Bill # A2905

Members of Senate “Commerce Committee” Bill #S1577

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